He always realised itself(himself) a being self-sufficient. Nevertheless, it was mortally important to it to feel lawful participation to this world, to feel life emanations, at least in such a way - through merge to shapeless city vanity to its plain pleasures. Therefore similar walks were necessary for it. He was not confused with sad twilight of northern spring, a water drizzle in air and a chill getting under a jacket. Especially, he did not pay attention on not numerous having a rest: a romantic kind the long-haired young man in a short nursery kurtochke, it is motionless stynushchego on the next bench, breathing evening air of health for the sake of the old woman, inertly hooting small group of the youth, stuck to drink beer.
       Before it from a twilight the miracle, - as if the ancient bagatelle created from a bone, costume jewellery of a certain giantess, ugnezdivshajasja on a dark blue velvet acted. So Varnava felt, looking on bleached by time and intolerable local weather the walls recently illuminated on the newest way. But whether the way was not perfect, whether the temple is too great. He did not bathe in the light sea, on the contrary, as if ate huge light layers, pressed their weight, and light lay on it angularly. It was so great that the consciousness perceived it not completely, and as though parts. The broken lines of the huge basis. Similar to a skeleton of an enormous animal a ridge drum. The muffled gold of a huge dome lost in darkness of heavens. Green angels from time, are have published similar to chimeras. Turrets which separately would look impressive buildings. At last, pobeditelno a triangle of a pediment prevailing over the area. All it was snatched out from darkness fragmentary, disturbed, forcing to suspect the dangerous secrets hidden in darkness.